With headquarters in Skeerpoort, North Westprovince, Babaroots Farm is a specialised herb grower of distinction. Since its inception in 2004, Babaroots has made considerable headway towards establishing itself as a leading supplier of fresh herbs and salad leaves into the South African and International markets.

The Farm has expanded from growing mainly Basil and Rocket to a substantial range of herbs in tunnels, some of which are heated during Winter months A small range of specialized vegetables and salad leaves has recently been added to our product mix for wholesale and retail distribution.

Babaroots Farms

We are part of the vision of pioneering a new approach to growing food sustainably and in harmony with nature so that South Africa’s farms will be able to provide enough food for future generations. Without compromising quality or adding to the cost.

We manage the entire farming process systematically. It all starts with building and maintaining the soil, because, as any farmer will tell you, it takes good soil to produce good food.

Our Team

Babaroots team consists of approximately 70  hard working, dedicated  individuals who are the backbone of our business, many of whom have been with us since we started.

Tian Grobler

Tian is the Farm Manager and responsible for the daily running and operations.
Tian can be reached on

Monya Steinbach

Monya Steinbach is the Sales Manager and responsible for our customer care. She also runs our sister company Ortaggi that does all retail sales and processing.
Monya can be reached on

Natashia van Aswegen

Natashia is in Administration . She can be reached on

Our state of the art IT system co-ordinates the flow if information between all the business functions and is looked after by our Financial Administrator, Natashia. She can be reached on