The Farm


The farm falls within the Local municipality of Madibeng, of the North West province, near Hartebeespoort.  The property is 42Ha in size of which 24ha are under cultivation – 5ha under tunnels, 5ha under shade house and 14ha open production-leaving 18ha of natural veld.  Irrigation A computerised irrigation system consisting of mainly drip and overhead mist irrigation ensures efficient water usage and scheduling based on plant requirements and climatic conditions.

Intergrated Pest and Disease Management System

In order to ensure environmental health and food health, the use of biological /bacterial based system is employed wherever possible.  This aids in high nutritional value and no chemical residue.  Systems of scouting and pest predators are practised.  Otherwise, threshold values and withholding periods for spraying are always strictly adhered to. In the promotion of human health the use of herbicides is avoided.

Soil Management

Again the services of an outside independent consultant are employed to advise, build and maintain the organic carbon content of the soils.  This is aided by crop rotation and reduced tillage practices.

Our Environmental Impact

The natural veld was previously used for grazing by the previous owner, but is currently being converted back to natural veld as part of our overall company philosophy of sustainability and conservation of the Moot Plains bushveld vegetation.  Apart from the natural veld, the critically endangered and ecologically important Magalies River crosses the property.  Natural corridors (riparian) or “Green Zones” are maintained along any river or wetland areas and management of riparian vegetation, buffer zones and water quality is of utmost importance to us.

The farm is in the process of implementing an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System to manage environmental aspects and impact of the farm, we appoint an independant conservation consultant that makes recommendations on an ongoing basis with regards conservation actions to be taken.

We have numerous conservation projects under way to ensure wildlife and birds are in these areas.

In keeping with our policy of reducing our Carbon Footprint, various initiatives and practices have already been implemented in order to minimise the use of energy and are done in accordance with a formal strategy for energy reduction.

All refrigeration units are almost complete in being switched over to R407C refrigerant.